Introduction to Bayesian analysis of wildlife populations

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 17–21 February 2014


A Regional Workshop on Bayesian analysis of wildlife data with Dr Marc Kéry of the Swiss Ornithological Institute will be held in Kuala Lumpur from 17 to 21 February 2014. Marc is the author of Introduction to WinBUGS for ecologists and co-author of Bayesian population analysis. An outline of the workshop content is below.

Outline schedule


  • Introduction to Population Analysis
  • Bayesian Analysis of population models
  • Introduction to WinBUGS (both standalone and run via R) and to JAGS (run from R) with model of mean, linear regression and ANOVA


  • Introduction to Generalized linear models (Poisson GLM, Binomial GLM)
  • Introduction to Random-effects models (Poisson GLMM, Binomial GLMM)


  • Introduction to Estimation of the size of a closed population (classical Otis et al models, individual-covariate models and including simplest spatially-explicit capture-recapture model)
  • Introduction to Survival estimation from capture-recapture data using CJS model


  • Introduction to Multistate models
  • Introduction to Occupancy models for occurrence and distribution


  • Introduction to N-mixture models for abundance
  • Group discussion of participants’ studies and suitable models for these.

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