Who we are

Ngumbang Juat

Ngumbang is BCSS staff and is involved with all our workshops. In between workshops, he looks at ways to monitor gibbons from their calls. Previously he worked for WCS Malaysia Program for 8 years, monitoring wildlife in logging areas. He has an MSc in entomology from Universiti Sains Malaysia and an MRes from St Andrews University, Scotland.

Voon Mu Feng ("Fen")

Fen is currently working with Sarawak Forestry Corporation as an Executive. Previously she worked with WCS Malaysia for several years on tiger conservation before joining IC-CFS project as Johor State Liaison Officer for a year. She has helped with several boot camps and enjoys the process of teaching and sharing knowledge.

Joshua Pandong

Josh heads the WCS Malaysia team doing research and education on orangutan in Sarawak and he has helped with many Boot Camps. He will shortly complete a  masters degree at the University of Adelaide.

Low Chee Pheng

Chee Pheng worked with WCS Malaysia on tiger surveys in Johor for several years and she was a regular instructor on Boot Camps. She was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship and followed a masters program at State University of New York (SUNY) in Syracuse. She's now back in Malaysia.

Lukmann Haqeem bin Alen ("Bob")

Bob worked for WCS-Malaysia Program where he led the field surveys of orangutan in Sarawak. He has now moved to do field research with the WWF programme in Sarawak. He has helped in many Boot Camps since 2012.

Sylvia Ng

Sylvia works for WCS-Malaysia Program. She is part of the orangutan conservation unit and also does urban conservation education. She has experienced a few Boot Camps and loves the idea that wildlife statistics should be fun. She has just completed an MSc in Social Research at Edinburgh University.

Dusit Ngoprasert ("Soy")

Soy has worked for both WCS and WWF in Thailand. He is now a lecturer and researcher in the Conservation Ecology Programme at King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), Thailand. His doctoral thesis was on the ecology of bears in Thailand.

Elangkumaran Sagtia Siwan ("Elan")

Elan is a member of WWF Malaysia's tiger team, monitoring tigers in the centre and north of Peninsula Malaysia. He is also working on a masters project on elephants in the same area.

Christopher Wong

Chis is also a member of WWF Malaysia's tiger monitoring team. And he is working on a masters project too, in this case on tapirs.

Tan Win Sim

After chasing after owls, sea ducks and LBJs in North America for two years, Win Sim is currently one of the WCS Malaysia Program wildlife researchers working on Malayan Tigers in Malaysia. He has a honors degree in Wildlife Ecology from University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Akchousanh Rasphone

Akchou is part of the WCS Lao Program team working on carnivores in Lao, but she is currently pursuing a DPhil degree with the WildCRU group at the University of Oxford, UK.

Sri Rao

Sri works for the Tropical Rainforest Conservation & Research Centre, TRCRC, under a 1-year grant focusing on CFS work in Perak, Kelantan and Terengganu. He was formerly Operations Manager for Rimba's Harimau Selamanya work. He has a masters degree in Endangered Species Recovery & Conservation.

Song Wee Liang Neo

Wee is a wildlife researcher working on tiger conservation in Pelindung. She previously worked for WCS-Malaysia program tiger team in Johor and Pahang. She was involved in several enforcement training events for different agencies.

Irene Margareth RP (Areth)

Areth is a co-founder of Sintas Indonesia Foundation currently pursuing her PhD on defaunation with DICE at University of Kent, UK. She's interested in conservation of felids.

Shyamala Ratnayeke

Shyamala is interested in several aspects of species distributions and population genetics, especially in relation to habitat and landscape characteristics. Her field research includes work on toque macaques and sloth bears in Sri Lanka, small mammals, including carnivores, in Tanzania, coatis and raccoons in the USA, and invasive snails and sun bears in Malaysia.

Colin Strine

Colin set up the king cobra monitoring unit at Sakaerat Research Station and lectures at Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand.

Jeevan Rai

Jeevan works for Friends of Nature Nepal. He works mostly in the mid-hill forests of Nepal where he studies canids and small carnivores using camera traps and sign surveys. He completed his MSc in Environmental Science from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

Pang Sing Tyan

Pang is pursuing a PhD at UNIMAS.

Choo Yan Ru

Yan Ru is research assistant at National University of Singapore who works on leopards in Sri Lanka.

Lungten Dorji

Lungten is doing a PhD at University of Southampton, UK, and is currently posted to Wangchuck Centennial National Park in Bhutan.

Ngwe Lwin

Ngwe is program manager for FFI in Myanmar and is a PhD student at King Mongkut University, Thonburi, Thailand.


Sherub works on bird movement ecology in Bhutan and is based in UWICER.

Tashi Dhendup

Tashi is a research officer at UWICER.

Ugyen Penjor

Ugyen is with the Nature Conservation Division in Bhutan and is currently pursuing a post grad degree at Oxford University, UK.

Yadav Ghimirey

Yadav works at Friends of Nature, Nepal, and is crazy about clouded leopard and other felid species

Ian Signer

Ian is an expert on informal education methods, especially in environmental education and interpretation. He has been involved with the Boot Camps since 2009 and has shaped the teaching methods we use.

Michael Meredith ("Mike")

Mike has been in SE Asia for over 30 years, mostly concerned with park management, management planning and training of park staff. He is Science Advisor to WCS Malaysia Program and Vice-Chair of BCSS.


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