The “real” contents list is the menu in the sidebar, but we need to keep track of what pages are planned and what are already available.

  • Bayes with JAGS – a tutorial for wildlife researchers: Introductory page – Why Bayes? Why JAGS?
  • Using this tutorial
  • Bayes as a rule for learning: The idea that we learn by updating our beliefs in the light of new evidence (ie, data).
  • Probability: Definitions and terminology.
    • History of probability concepts
  • A simple model with just one parameter: Example: How many orangutan in the park? Conjugacy, comb method and JAGS.
    • Simple regression with JAGS: Galton’s data on the heights of mothers and daughters.
    • Logistic regression: The socks-in-the-box data analysis with JAGS.
    • Hierarchical logistic regression: Adding a block effect to the socks-in-the-box analysis.
    • Basic occupancy model: the salamanders data set, no covariates.
    • Occupancy modelling with site covariates: Swiss willow tits data with covariates for occupancy.
      • Categorical covariates
      • Goodness-of-fit measures
      • Model selection with WAIC and LOO; Bayesian lasso.
      • Species distribution maps
    • Adding survey covariates: covariates for detection probability.
    • Multi-year occupancy models: grand skinks data set.
    • Two-species occupancy models.
    • Data augmentation: Kanha tigers data
    • SECR: Example with rectangular state space
    • Irregular habitat patches, masks
    • Covariates for traps and animals.
    • Habitat suitability covariates.
    • Open SECR models
    • MSOM as implemented by Marc Kery.

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  1. Thanks Soy, I’ve add that to the list – though may be a while before it actually appears, as haven’t covered it in the workshop.

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