Recent changes

10 February: Added model answer page for logistic regression.

10 January 2021: New page for Multi-species occupancy with covariates

25 December 2020: New pages for Community (multi-species) models and A basic multi-species occupancy model.

14 September: New page for Two-species occupancy

6 August: New pages for Abundance from replicate counts and an N-mixture model with simulated data.

3 August: New page for Occupancy with a categorical covariate

6 July: New page for SCR with multi-catch and single-catch traps

25 June: New page for SCR with an irregular habitat patch

27 May: New page for Basic spatial capture-recapture models

19 April: New page for Recent changes 🙂

14 April: New page for MCMC settings

12 April: New page for MCMC diagnostics. Changed all diagnostic plots to show MCEpc instead of n.eff.

9 April: Code changed for occupancy and data augmentation models to include known presence in data instead of initial values (inits).

26 March 2020: New page for Data Augmentation

26 Dec 2019: New page for Occupancy with survey covariates.

2 Dec: New page for Occupancy with site covariates.

30 Nov: New page for Basic occupancy modelling

18 Nov: New page for Hierarchical modelling

15 Nov: New page for Logistic regression

20 Oct 2019: Initial posts – new pages for Bayes Rule, Probability, One-parameter model, Simple regression